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Edith Stein is one of the most remarkable thinkers of the 20th century. She was born to a Jewish family on October 12, 1891 during the Yom Kippur holiday in the Prussian city of Breslau, present day Wroclaw in Poland.

She died in August 1942 in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Through her life she left behind the legacy of a woman for whom the quest for search of truth was beyond everything, and this quest had brought her to the search of God.

Pope John Paul II. sanctified Edith Stein in 1998 and declared her a patron of Europe.

Life and thought of Edith Stein has come to symbolize the characteristics, identity and suffering of Euro-Atlantic, Judeo-Christian civilization.

Edith Stein the Philosopher

In August 1916 Edith Stein defended her doctoral thesis entitled “On the Problem of Empathy” (Zum Problem der Einfuhlung) supervised by Edmund Husserl at the University in Freiburg im Breisgau. In what turned out to be her first major work Edith Stein focuses on the issue of inter-subjectivity, an issue Husserl had not examined closer. Husserl’s phenomenology examined the subject, and proceeding to the essence (intuition) had not examined the extent to which the perceiving of essence could be communicated to another subject.

Edith Stein analyzed this issue in relation to emphasizing with other subjects. Her work is one of the first attempts in 20th century to examine the experience of another being as bases of inter-subjective understanding.

Edith Stein Fund in the Czech Republic

The aim of the Edith Stein Fund in the Czech Republic is to fund the translation and publishing of Edith Stein works in the Czech language.

Besides publishing the works of Edith Stein the Fund also aims to publish works in philosophy, theology, art and cultural studies by authors previously not published in Czech, or not very well known in the Czech Republic.

Adéla Syberová is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Edith Stein Fund in the Czech Republic. She studied art at the Webster University in Vienna and earned her postgraduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and at the University of Notre Dame, USA.

Published Titles



Otázky a reflexe

Autor: Edith Stein

Rok: 2016

ISBN: 9788090535114



K problému vcítění

Sebrané spisy Edity Steinové

Autor: Edith Stein , Maria Antonia Sondermann , Petr Urban

Rok: 2013

ISBN: 9788090535107

Publishing Plan

A. Životopisné spisy

1 Ze života jedné židovské rodiny a další autobiografické texty

2 Korespondence I (1916-1933)

3 Korespondence II (1916 - 1942)

4 Korespondence III: Dopisy Romanu Ingardenovi

B. Filosofické spisy

Oddíl 1: Raná fenomenologie

5 K problému vcítění

6 Příspěvky k filosofickému založení psychologie a duchověd

7 Pojednání o státu

8 Úvod do filosofie

Oddíl 2: Fenomenologie a ontologie

9 Příspěvky k fenomenologii a ontologii

10 Potence a akt

11 Konečné a věčné bytí I

12 Konečné a věčné bytí II

C. Antropologické a pedagogické spisy

13 Žena. Otázky a reflexe

14 Konstituce lidské osoby. Přednáška z filosofické antropologie

15 Teologická antropologie. Přednáška a poznámky

16 Výchova a rozvoj individuality. Příspěvky k úkolu křesťanského vzdělávání

D. Spisy o mystice a spiritualitě

Oddíl 1: Fenomenologie a mystika

17 Cesty poznání Boha. Studie i Duinýsiu Areopagitovi

18 Věda kříže. Studie o Janu od Kříže

Oddíl 2: Spiritualita a meditace

19 Duchovní texty I

20 Duchovní texty II


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    K problému vcítění


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